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SIFC Enrollment Continues To Rise

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1989      p16  
REGINA - For the eighth consecutive semester enrollment at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (SIFC) has increased.

Final figures for the Winter 1989 semester at North America's my Indian controlled university college show 772 students registered, an increase from 747 students registered in the Fall 1988 semester.

SIFC's course offerings also continue to rise and the College is running out of classroom space at the University of Regina campus.

"Through our various programs, SIFC is offering 123 course sedans," Garry Anaquod, SIFC's acting registrar says. "It will be a considerable challenge to find sufficient room for future increases in course section offerings on the Regina campus."

This winter new programs are being offered at the Regina Correctional Center and at Meadow Lake through the College's Department of Continuing Education and Extension.

Seventy-seven percent of SIFC's students are registered as full-time under-graduates. Twenty three per cent are part-time undergraduates. Part-time student registrations have more than doubled over one year ago.

SIFC operates classes at two campuses -one in Regina and one in Saskatoon - in addition to offering extension courses in a number of locations in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Fifty-nine percent of SIFC's students attend in Regina, 19 per cent in Saskatoon and 22 per cent through extension classes.

Almost 100 students attend SIFC from out of Saskatchewan. The only province or territory with out students at SIFC is Prince Edward Island.