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New Arena Dream Realized On Gordon's

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1988      p23  
A ten year dream has finally been realized by the people of the Gordon's Band. Their multi-use community center opened its doors to the public January 23. The new building houses the Band offices, a firehall and an arena. Construction began in 1977 utilizing community and band capital funds.

However, the following year, the Treasury Board changed its rules and the Department of Indian Affairs terminated the project. Treasury Board changed criteria and the total cost of construction was going to exceed the limit of Treasury Board approval so the project was stopped in its tracks.

For several years, the land continued to operate out of an old building refusing to build a new band office unless it was part of the arena complex. The old office had no running water, was crowded and lacked proper heating.

The band insisted the office be built in the arena complex and finally they received the approval. Along with the band office a new firehall was added to the center. To complete the arena the band used its revenue money, a provincial grant, funds raised by the Sports and Recreation Committee and a lot of volunteer labour.

The total cost of the complex was $750,000 and the final stages of construction took five years.

The complex is now fully operational and an official opening of the arena will be held next fall at the beginning of the '88/89 hockey season.