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Lloyd Pinay


Lloyd Pinay Untitled
Lloyd Pinay "Untitled"
Colorado Alabaster
30" x 12"

Lloyd Pinay the sculptor is a modern man of great intelligence, driven by an ancestral drum to release the magic images buried in stone. Lloyd has a profound understanding of nature; of ecology. He carves like a shaman provoking a miracle. Working smoothly and sympathetically he files and taps, aware of the sound, the grain, the color, the form. The stone tells him what to do and the image appears as by magic. Themes vary and recur but always fresh, sometimes very clear and naturalistic, sometimes in a blend of mythology and sensuous curves.

Lloyd is a prolific carver, working mostly in alabaster. He has a tremendous capacity for capturing the essence of an idea or event. He can see the image in a stone long before it is revealed by the chisel.

Lloyd Pinay is at home in La Ronge, Saskatoon, Qu'Appelle, Colorado, New Mexico, a gypsy itinerant carver, naturalist, and philosopher. Given time, he will teach us some of the truths our ancestors lived by and let us live in harmony with each other and our natural world.