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Indian Agriculture Act Introduced

The Saskatchewan Indian Agriculture Act received second reading at the recent Chiefs Legislative Assembly in Yorkton. The Act insures that SIAP is accountable to the legislative assembly and will table an annual report each year.

Patterned after the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College Act the newly introduced Act insures the accountability of the Saskatchewan Indian Agriculture Program (SIAP) board of directors decisions to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) Legislative Assembly.

FSIN Chief, Roland Crowe told delegates to the Assembly, " through a good cooperation we achieved yet another goal in our progress".

Third Vice-Chief, Bobby Bird in presenting the resolution said, "We have worked closely with the staff to put SIAP under the umbrella of the FSIN and be accountable to the Chiefs".

Ken Thomas, Director of SIAP, in his address stated, "I think it's time in the evolution of Saskatchewan Indian government that this happens. We are pleased to be a part of the organization and also very pleased to report to and be accountable to this Legislative Assembly".

Thomas also stated that the move will not wholly affect the day to-day operations of SIAP, and that SIAP will continue to operate more or less the way it has since it's inception.

SIAP Chairman, Jerry Starr recently signed an agreement with the provincial government that will provide a wide range of speciality and support services.

The province will provide the services of six agricultural specialists along with free office space and support services. Ken Thomas, SIAP manager estimates the deal will be worth $200,000.00 per year.

The specialists will deal with such items as irrigation, livestock, horticulture and specialty crops.

The agreement remains in effect for two years.