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Saskatoon Treaty Indians Supported By Chiefs

The Saskatoon Treaty Indian Council, formerly called the Saskatoon Urban Indian Association presented their concerns at the Chiefs' Assembly in Yorkton on behalf of the Treaty Indians of Saskatoon. They won the support of the Chiefs.

The Legislative Assembly mandated the Executive of the FSIN to coordinate and facilitate the development of comprehensive strategy to establish District/Tribal off reserve Treaty organizations.

This study would address the following:

  1. Off reserve populations by centres.
  2. Nature and scope of services required i.e.: social services, education, housing, economic development, employment opportunities, etc.
  3. To establish permanent centres to delivery services identified in point #2.
  4. To access the necessary resources required to fulfill the mandate.
  5. A progress report to be tabled at the next Legislative Assembly.
With the influx of off reserve urban Indians and the inclusion of Bill C-31. Indians regaining status, Saskatchewan Indian Chiefs must contend with two main problems. First, without appropriate federal/provincial respect for the Treaties and for the proper utilization of Indian Trust funds, Indian governments have had no ability to address the issue of membership citizenship rights in the off reserve setting. Second, current policies of the Federal department further divorce band government from their off reserve members.

The Saskatoon Treaty Indian Council has held a series of meetings to address these and other concerns.

One of its main objectives is "to lobby for services for off reserve Treaty Indians". However, it is also concerned by the need to remain affiliated with the FSIN, the collective voice of all Treaty Indians in the province; the fact that a large part of the FSIN's constituents reside off reserve; that the current delivery of services provided to Treaty off reserve constituents are virtually non-existent; that there is no recognized formal process to exercise Treaty and Inherent rights by off reserve Treaty Indian population; that new resources and new monies should not affect funding arrangements as they exist today at the Band level.

Sitting on the Advisory Council are: Vi Munroe, A/Chairperson, Maynard Quewezance, Grant Severeight, Tyrone Tootoosis, Elmer Crane, Eldon Baptiste, Delmar Quewezance and Ed Severeight. They conduct weekly meetings. Two general membership meeting are also held each month.

The next General Membership Meeting will be on February 28 at the SIMFC for the election of officers.