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Alpha Lafond Receives Province's Highest Award

Gloria Ledoux

Alpha Lafond The Lafond Family
Alpha Lafond

Back Row (L-R): Robert Lafond, George Lafond, Albert Lafond.
Front Row (L-R): Alpha Lafond, Carol Lafond, and Allan Lafond.

Alpha Lafond from the Muskeg Lake Band was one of six recent recipients of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit for 1988.

Lt. Gov. Sylvia Fedoruk presented Mrs. Lafond with a pin signifying the province's highest award on November 9th in Regina. Premier Grant Devine was also in attendance.

The Sask. Order of Merit was established in 1985 by the provincial government to recognize individual excellence and contributions to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of the province. This is the fourth year the award has been given.

Mrs. Alpha Lafond, a 62 year old mother of four sons and one daughter is a Cree Indian living on the Muskeg Lake Reserve.

In 1958, Mrs. Lafond began her political career when she was elected as the first woman band councillor. In 1960-62, she was the first Indian woman chief in Saskatchewan.

In 1975, she became the first Indian woman to be named Justice of the Peace.

Mrs. Lafond has been actively involved as board member of the Blaine Lake School Division since 1978, when legislation was passed allowing Indian representation on school boards.

She is currently employed as an education administrator for the Muskeg Lake Band. She has served in this capacity for the past 15 years.

Mrs. Lafond, is a distinguished educator and the philosopher of her family. She has worked diligently for educational opportunities among the Indian people and has successfully promoted integrated schooling for the children of Muskeg Lake Band. She attributes her selection for the Order of Merit to her involvement in Education over the years.