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College Library Has International Reputation

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      FALL 1987      p08  
The Library at the SICC is said to be the largest library of its kind in North America and it enjoys an international reputation.

Enjoying the Library

Not only are books and periodicals in the library, but we subscribe to Indian newspapers and have a large film, video and audio collection.

We lend material to anyone who requests the service, whether in person or by mail. While our major concern is to serve Saskatchewan Indians, we do lend to other libraries when they cannot supply the material.

In addition, the library provides training for those who are hired to run libraries in Band schools. . . Either the person comes to the library for the training or staff visit the reserve. We also advise bands on setting up libraries at the reserve level. Workshops are also conducted on request, where several bands can get together and share experiences and knowledge.

Our clients range from children to parents, to post-secondary students and teachers. We attempt to serve the entire province with an excellent selection of Indian Cultural material. All it takes is a letter or a phone call.