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Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College

Saskatchewan Indian Culture College Symbol The goals and objectives of the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College are as follows:

• to revive and develop traditional and contemporary cultural skills of Indian people;
• to conduct and facilitate research in Indian heritage and culture;
• to increase Indian people's knowledge and use of their traditional languages;
• to develop Indian linguistic learning resources;
• to develop and test culturally oriented educational curricula, methods and materials for use by established and other programs;
• to promote cross-cultural awareness in mainstream educational programs and institutions;
• to develop and increase access to new and more accurate information about Indian heritage;
• to improve the opportunities for the public to become knowledgeable about the sensitivity to the historical and current role of Indian people in Canada.

The following are programs/services being presently offered by the College:

• Culture Centre
• Curriculum and Research
• Library
• Audio Visual and Graphic Arts

The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College has been mandated by their Board of Governors to implement a new Organizational Structure by April 1st, 1986.

With the adoption of the F.S.I.N. Convention Act, District Chiefs' Councils have been established to support the development of Indian self-government. With the development of Indian Government, Districts and Bands are now in the process of establishing Indian education centres at the district/agency level. The bands and district/agency councils are now assuming the leadership. As a result of these new thrusts the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College will facilitate these new directions by the bands. It's leadership role will change to support and assist the bands efforts.

Areas of new developments are:
• Satellite Colleges
• Archival Centre
• Museum
• Historical/Treaty Sites
• Publishing/Marketing
• Performance and Fine Arts
• Languages
• Library/Resources Centres

The Great Plains Dance Troupe under the co-ordination of Tyrone Tootoosis has also been taken under the wing of the Cultural College. The Dance Troupe first performed at the National Cultural Education Centres Conference in October of '85. Since then they auditioned to perform at Expo 86 and were successful. The monetary support they have received to perform in Expo is not adequate and they will have to do some fund raising. The Dance Troupe will be representing the Indian people of Saskatchewan and any monetary donations from individuals, bands, etc... will be greatly appreciated.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the College can do so by calling (306) 244-1146 or writing to:
P.O. Box 3085
SASKATOON, Saskatchewan
S7K 3S9
or by dropping in at our new location
at 120 - 33rd St East, Saskatoon.