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PTNA Separates!

Bryan Tootoosis

Former AFN Chief David Ahenakew

Chief Irvin Starr

Vern Bellegarde and Fred Starblanket

Former AFN National Chief David Ahenakew addresses PTNA meeting.

Chief Irvin Starr prepares to comment on eduacation and task force resoulutions.

Vern Bellegarde and Fred Starbalnket making corrections to
different resoulutions being addressed by PTNA assembly.

SARCEE, Alta. - The Prairie Treaty Nations Alliance (PTNA) elected to separate from the Assembly of First Nations based on a resolution passed August 29, 1985. Members of the alliance have advised the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) that they want their share of the financial support that is given on behalf of all bands in Canada by the federal government. This money is administered by the AFN office in Ottawa.

The move was prompted by members of the Prairie Treaty Nations Alliance because they feel their organization could look after their interests better.

There was a number of other resolutions that were passed at this meeting. There were members participating, at the meeting from the four western provinces to decide the destiny of the organization and initiate steps that will protect their interests.

Other areas of concern for the Prairie Treaty Nations Alliance assembly of Chiefs were financial arrangements be put in place at every government level (Band, F.S.I.N., PTNA, Indian Association of Alberta, Treaty 1 and Regional) to meet the needs of the treaty First Nations. An ad-hoc committee submitted a resolution sponsored by Treaty 7 and the Hobemma Four Band which outlined several governing principles that will ensure support and political success for PTNA.

A strategy was developed to deal with Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, to take place in late September at Ottawa. Prairie Treaty Nations Alliance Convention was revised, to be effective August 29, 1985.

The Saskatchewan delegation abstained in two resolutions regarding education and a task force. They wanted to bring the resolutions for consideration at their next provincial legislative meeting slated for October in Saskatoon.

Prairie Treaty Nations Alliance


August 29, 1985

Reference Number: 015

Cease of Affiliation with AFN

Financial Support to

Treaty First Nations

WHEREAS the P.T.N.A. was formed to collectively puruse fulfillment of Treaty and Inherent rights through the bilateral process with the Federal Government of Canada; and

WHEREAS the Treaty First Nations of P.T.N.A. by mandate from its membership have continued to protect and will always protect the Treaty and Inherent rights of members of their respective First Nations; and

WHEREAS the Treaty First Nations have officially stated that there would not be any affiliation with A.F.N.; and

WHEREAS all Federal funding representative of Treaty Indian Nations has been included in the financial resources allocated to the Assembly of First Nations;

and WHEREAS the Treaty First Nations are entitled to their portion of the federal funding from Ministries:

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Treaty First Nations as members of the Prairie Treaty Nations Alliance cease affiliation and membership with the Assembly of First Nations.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Assembly of First Nations and/or the Federal Government realign existing twelve month financial support to the Treaty First Nations in all categories;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Assembly of First Nations transfer all funding provided to it on behalf of the Treaty First Nations to the Prairie Treaty Nations Alliance and that this transfer take place immediately without any delay.

MOVED BY.- Chief Richard Behn

SECONDED BY.- Chief Jim Badger