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Culture In Education

Smith Atimoyoo

Education is a necessity for today, tomorrow and yesterday. It is a way of living. There are constant changes in the world today whether we are living in cities, rural areas and on our own reserves. Education is learning to live, to survive, to improve our lives.

As Indians we will have to recognize what education is in our schools where our people are learning. Education was just as important in the old days. We also will have to recognize our Indian traditional education system. We did have our own. For instance, traditional education began at the first kick at our mothers. It was so important at that instant we moved because we were alive so it was necessary to gather the wise old ladies together to give advice, give counsel to the mother-to-be. She was responsible to relay the messages from the old ones to the young one yet to come.

Different ways of teaching was prepared through different stages of growth for the boy or girl.

Elders were respected because they were our teachers, professors, philosophers, doctors, and nurses. Every man, woman and child were urged to learn as it was important to live.

Today education is important. To the Indian it is two-fold - the present system, and the traditional system and values that made our people feel proud.