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Grave Of Unknown Warrior Paid Homage

Archie King

Grave Marker of the unknow warrior.
Grave marker of the unknown warrior

POUNDMAKER - The grave of an unknown Nez Perce warrior was commemorated and paid homage by his fellow band members from Lapaway, Idaho during the Chief Poundmaker Memorial Pow-Wow held on this Indian reserve.

According to event organizer, Gordon Tootoosis, the warrior was from Chief Joseph's band, who kept coming north and ended up in the North Battleford area. He lived with Chief Poundmaker during the winter of `78-79 until May 2, 1885 when he was shot by the soldiers and buried on the same spot by Chief Poundmaker.

Monument of the Battle of Cut Knife.
Monument of the Battle of Cut Knife.

Also at the commemoration ceremony was Chief Lawrence Weenie, FSIN Senator John Tootoosis, Elder Alex Semaganis, Regional Director of Indian Affairs Dan Goodleaf, North West Centennial Advisory Committee member Col. Gil Bellavance, Parks Canada Area Superintendent Mabel Simpson, and representatives from the Royal Canadian Legion and the RCMP.

Adding his support, Chief Weenie said, "Today is specially dedicated to the people who participated from the Nez Perce, our neighbors from across the line that lived with Chief Poundmaker all those years."

Also FSIN Senator John Tootoosis said: "We have lived for a hundred years without fighting but actually what we Indian people have is a "cold war with you until all of the Treaty promises are met."

Mari Watters, direct descendant of Chief Joseph, speaking on behalf of the Nez Perce, said in broken voice: "many thanks to the people here who have opened their hearts and received us, we are the Brother, who have gone to the land of life."