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Chief Roland Crowe

Chief Roland Crowe Chief Roland Crowe has held the Office of 2nd Vice-President in the F.S.I.N. He has a variety of portfolios within the organization. He has concentrated on three areas; the Federated College, Housing, and Off-Reserve Indians.

The Federated College has put forth a core funding package to be approved by cabinet. They will soon have the capacity to hold eight classes at any particular time in the region. In recent years there has been more graduates from the Federated College.

In his capacity as chairman of the Indian Housing Commission, four urban housing programs have been developed in the province. Forty-five houses have been purchased in Regina, five in Fort Qu'Appelle. Saskatoon and Prince Albert have each purchased thirty-five homes and all tenants have been selected. This is the first urban housing program in Canada that is managed and controlled by the Chiefs.

Chief Crowe has also served as co-chairman of the Land Entitlement Commission. Significant strides have been made in land settlement considering the inaction of the Progressive Conservative government. The historic signing of the Ocean Man - Pheasant Rump agreement in principle is definitely a recognition of a new band. It is also precedent setting for reinstatement of lands formerly lost by whole bands. There is still a large amount of work to undertake on lands and treaties rights.

Chief Crowe feels that the direction Indian Nations must go is to pursue the terms and conditions of the treaties and for bands to get control over their own resources and economies.

He feels that it is essential to continue discussions on Indian Government at pace with Chiefs and Bands in line with the Saskatchewan position.

Chief Roland Crowe plans to continue working in the same directions as his past records indicate. He feels that his track record will speak for itself.