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Wayne Ahenakew - Treasurer

Wayne Ahenakew Wayne has worked for the F.S.I.N. for fourteen years, and during this time has worked for the advancement of Indian people. He started out working as a liaison worker for F.S.I. programs. He then became the Community Development Supervisor for the Prince Albert District. From there he went to work for the Sandy Lake Band as Education Coordinator; he was also on the band council for three years and as a result of his efforts, a new school was built in Sandy Lake.

He came back as Community Development Supervisor for 1974-76. He became Director of Communications 1976-78, and then Executive Director of the F.S.I. from 1978-80. Since 1980 he has had the Finance portfolio as Treasurer of the F.S.I.N.

Wayne also sits on a number of Boards. He sits on the National Finance Committee for the Assembly of First Nations. He sits on all Boards for SINCO, and he is also on the Board of the International Council of Indigenous Nations.

Some of his recent achievements are: the Personnel and Finance Management Act, which 15 now in final reading, and also the Cultural College Act which is in its second reading. He also assisted the AFN with their Finance Management Act; the resolution was passed in the Montreal Assembly and is being implemented on the national scene. He also sits on the Taxation Committee of the AFN and involves himself with the AFN Committee to study Established Program Funding, monies given to provinces on behalf of Indian people. In the area of Economic Development, Wayne was able to tap the National Equity Development Program and get 345 million dollars in funding for Saskatchewan.

A highlight in his administration is the implementation of the Debt Retirement Plan. When he started on this, the F.S.I.N. was at a $1.6 million deficit. He instituted a policy where all programs pay 15% of their budgets until the debt is retired. The deficit is now down to $275,000 and will be retired totally next spring.

Wayne also works as liaison for the F.S.I.N. with Provincial Government negotiations. He was involved in the Constitution and the London lobby. He has also been involved in consultation with the Swiss Bank on the international scale and in Bonn, Germany on possible ventures Sask. Indians could enter into financial assistance through their systems.

When in Community Development, Wayne initiated the Northlands Agreement and now involves himself with the New Northlands Agreement being discussed with DREE/INAC Regional. Wayne is also the Chairman of the Treasury Board, and he sits on the Roads Committee involving F.S.I.N./Province/Federal government.

Wayne has committed himself to the following long term goals: fulfillment of the debt retirement, putting the organization into long-term fiscal agreements, securing political financing for the organization: he is also striving for better core fiscal agreements for the Indian institutions. Mr. Ahenakew would also like to assist in financial management systems for all bands. He is also committed to trying to get regional base funding for bands. He has had some short term success getting funding for District Representatives from INAC, and he is still attempting to get long-term funding.