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Gas Tax Rebate

Deanna Wuttunee

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1981      v11 n05 p05  
Chief Sol Sanderson Signing 4-year Agreement for Gas Tax Rebate. No one rides for free? Chief Sol Sanderson and Agricultural Minister Gordon MacMurchy ended the spring conference by signing a four year agreement for gas tax rebates equal to the amount consumed on reserves-following a green light given by Saskatchewan's 69 Indian Chiefs.

The gas tax rebate program will net the Saskatchewan bands approximately $4 million in the next four year period and is expected to get into effect immediately. It will kick off with discussions at regional chiefs meetings with the Indian liaison unit and provincial officials during April, May and June.

The formula is based on four components; the net provincial per capita estimated tax amount, on-reserve and off-reserve tax consumption and band population. Band allotments will be based on a per capita assessment of every man, woman or child on the band list whether living on the reserve or not. How the grant is used is at the discretion of the band.

In June, band lists will be released and by August or September, Statistics Canada will have sent each band a notice calculating eligibility and grant size available. The band will then, apply to Supply and Services Canada in Regina for their portion along with an accompanying resolution. Grant will be distributed in late October or early November, the process reoccurring annually, according to MacMurchy. The program is subject to review, maintains the primacy of the chiefs and councils, will not replace federal obligations and application will not affect any present funding agreements on roads that Indian people may now enjoy. The grant will change each year subject to the four components and Indian people will continue to pay tax at the point of purchase.