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The Two Nation Singers Gain International Recognition

Deanna Wuttunee

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE 1981      v11 n06 p23  
Two Nation Singers. The Two Nation Singers at the Sixth Annual Pow-wow in Saskatoon in December, 1980.

The Two Nation Singers from the Mosquito-Grizzly Bear's Head Reserve and the Red Pheasant Reserve are closing down the disco joints in North Battleford, according to manager of the pow-wow group, Pat Bugler.

The group was established in March of 1980 and has since made a name for itself. They have performed in the Convention Centre for the Second Annual North American Pow-wow in Las Vegas last fall and in Seattle this spring.

"According to our tape sales, we have gained international recognition in the pow-wow circuit", says Bugler. Prior to a November 4th recording session in Phoenix, Arizona, the group also recorded at the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College last fall. They have, since, received an invitation to perform in the state of Washington.

Bugler was instrumental in forming the Two Nation Singers with the encouragement of Winston Wuttunee and Chief Harry Nicotine of the Red Pheasant Reserve.

The group is part of the movement to revive the round dances for Saskatchewan's native youth which has swept the province this winter. Any enthusiastic dancer could find a round dance on any given weekend. Most of the dances, especially in the northern part of the province, were held in capacity filled halls.

The lead singer for the group is Frank Moosomin of the Mosquito reserve. Others are Clarence Moosomin, Wilmer Baptiste, Solomon Stone, Percy Keeskotagan, Gerald Baptiste and Pat Bugler.