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Treaty Day

Glen Wasicuna

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JULY 1981      v11 n07 p31  
Treaty Day in the Cumberland House area Treaty Day in the Cumberland House area took on a different format this year. Along with the usual sum of $5.00 as payment, the signing of the registery and the perfunctory hand-shake with the famous men in scarlet thus ending another treaty payment. The people of this community turned out to participate and witness several events which many have not seen before or have not witnessed for a long time.

The 1500 member band and the nearby Metis community of Cumberland House all took part in a variety of sporting and social events which according to one member from the town was "something that hasn't happened for a long time." A member of the local detachment of the RCMP was enthused about the events as he said, "I have been stationed here for two years now and I haven't seen anything like this happen here before."

A local taxi operator from Cumberland saw the event as a good public relations gesture. "The local Metis society, the band and the town should try to work more closely now as a result of this," he said. Recently, he had been offered a contract by the band to transport the elderly people for medical purposes and also as a taxi service.

Chief Joe Laliberte expressed great appreciation for the support that was given by the band members.

"It was the people who made this possible and it wouldn't have been successful without them," he said.

A gigantic feast of moose and sturgeon along with the "fixings" was served to about 800 people. - (photo caption)

John Baptiste Laliberte (in his fifties) provided two moose for the occasion. Laliberte who holds the world champion canoe paddling event held in Flin Flon, Manitoba each year also won the event at Three Rivers, Quebec, with a record winning time which still stands today.

Joe Cook, a volunteer recreation director organized

Treaty Day in the Cumberland House area
The Sweetgrass Dancers were there to perform...

Treaty Day

Glen Wasicuna

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JULY 1981      v11 n07 p32  
sport events as young and old participated in an afternoon of playing ball.

After the feast, a fine performance of different types of pow-wow dances was displayed by a group from the Red Pheasant and Mosquito Reserves with Wilmer Baptiste as the master of ceremonies.

Later on in the evening a cabaret was held with the music supplied by the Lawrence Joseph Band from Prince Albert.