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Treaty Indian Land Entitlements In Saskatchewan

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JULY 1981      v11 n07 p21  
The Federation of Saskatchewan Indians recently sponsored the production of a thirty minute videotape entitled "Treaty Indian Land Entitlements in Saskatchewan.

Written by Glen Gordon of the F.S.I. s Treaty Rights and Research division, the program is narrated by Mr. Del Anaquod, a teacher of Indian Studies at Regina's Indian Federated College.

This program is the result of years of evolution in the work and concerns of the Federation. According to Mr. Gordon, it was decided some two years ago that the Indian people's view of treaty agreements, settlements and disputes had never been clearly or sufficiently outlined and publicized.

Therefore, a large scale program of interviews was initiated. The oral histories of scores of elderly people who had been involved with or familiar with treaties were investigated, and available information regarding land entitlement since the treaty era was researched by Mr. Gordon. The eventual result was a three-hour script which, after reading by and consultation with a variety of lawyers, research consultants and administrators Mr. Gordon finally condensed to its final form.

The resultant half-hour script is an overview of the existing land entitlement situation as perceived by Indian people, based on decades of historical documentation and interpretation. Tracing developments from the days prior to arrival of Europeans on Canadian shores, the program goes on to describe changes due to their influence, colonization in the 17th century, conflicts of the 18th century, early proclamations and treaties regarding land holdings, contemporary attitudes and consequent results. Indians' reactions to reservations in bygone decades are explained with regard to contemporary political and social conditons.

The program seeks to describe the F.S.I.'s interpretation of what land rights treaty Indian people are entitled to, why, how the policies regulating this were and are created, and states the current position of the F.S.I. Persons who are curious to know more about this contemporary issue will find the program rich in explanation.

"Treaty Indian Land Entitlements in Saskatchewn" is available to residents of the province through Saskmedia's DIAL-A-FILM service.