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Star Blanket Celebrates

Martha Ironstar

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      AUGUST 1981      v11 n08 p34  
The sound of drums, the movement of colorful dancers and the feeling of excitement filled the air as the Star Blanket reserve celebrated its annual pow-wow on July 10 - 12.

400 dancers registered for the event which offered $12,320 in total prize money, while $4,800 was awarded to the 13 drums represented at the celebration. The drums were representatives from:

Each drum pounded out a different note as the roll call for the drums was taken. One of the most spectacular events at any celebration is the grand entry. That is, when all the dancers from each category, dressed in full regalia, file into the arena, or "big top" as it is called.

Leading the grand entry in the celebration were Johnny Sheepskin of Regina and Charles Tailfeathers of Rocky Boy, Montana, who carried the Eagle staff which represents all Indian nations. Carrying the Union Jack was Pat Adams of Popular, Montana. The Union Jack is carried in honor of the veterans who fought for the freedom of the people in Canada. Kip Whitecloud of Fort Kipp, Montana carried the Stars and Stripes flag, which is carried in honor of visiting United States veterans and other visitors from our neighbouring country.

A princess pageant was also held, and Cheryl McNabb of Gordons reserve was crowned by last year's princess Roxann Koochicum. This year's runner-up was Michelle Bellegarde of File Hills.

Other special events included a memorial dance for Lee-Ann Starr. This was for girls fancy dancers aged 15 - 16. There was also a men's traditional dance in memory of the late Louis and Allan Starblanket. These two memorial dances were sponsored by the Starr family. A memorial dance was also held for the late Corky Rosebluff, sponsored by Mike Pinay and family.

Raffle tickets were on sale offering a choice of $500 cash or a steer. Princess Cheryl Bitternose made the draw and the lucky winner was Gary Hotomanie of Brackton, Montana.

The crowd focused their attention on Eillen Caldwell who performed the hoop-dance using 18 hoops.

The hoop dance is one of the oldest Indian traditions being kept alive today. This special dance tells a story or legend. Each dancer in the pow-wow has his/her own costume regalia, derived from their ancestors or designed to identify their name, Each dancer is unique.

If watching carefully, one can see the dancers telling many different stories in the dance. They mimick

Flag-bearers in the Grand Entry
Flag-bearers in the Grand Entry.

Star Blanket Celebrates

Martha Ironstar

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      AUGUST 1981      v11 n08 p35  
Clifford Taypotat and Donald Assiniboine
Crooked Lake Agency Singers -
Clifford Taypotat and Donald Assiniboine.

wounded buffalo, wolves, and other animals. The competitions offer the best dancers a large amount of money, but they also demand the best performance out of each dancer. Each of the following winners in the competitions should be commended for their effort in keeping with their cultural traditions.

GIRLS TRADITONAL (11 and under): First - Andrea Redman (Standing Buffalo); Second - Gaylene Anaquoid (Muscowpetung); Third - Doris Rosebluff (Muscowpetung).

GIRLS FANCY (11 and under): First - Jolene Redman (Standing Buffalo); Second - Lorenda Acapace (Poorman's Reserve); Third - Sherri Sparvier (Broadview).

BOYS FANCY (11 and under) First - Thomas Ironman (Regina); Second - Micheal Esquash (Winnipeg), Third - Jason Sparvier (Broadview).

BOYS TRADITIONAL (11 and under) First - Kelsey Kaysaywaysemat (Broadview); Second - Stanley Acapace (Poorman's Reserve), Third - Angelo Morrisseau (Winnipeg).

GIRLS TRADITIONAL (12 -16) First - Patricia Adams (Fort Kipp, Montanna); Second: Connie Kaysaywaysemat (Broadview); Third - Theresa Bob (Broadview).

GIRLS FANCY (12 -16) First - Claudia Adams (Fort Kipp, Montana); Second - Lisa Ewack (Whitebear); Third - Missy Goodwill (Standing Buffalo).

BOYS FANCY (12 -16) First - Brian
Goodwill (Standing Buffalo); Second - Rodney Delorme (Cowessess), Third - Bryon Goodwill (Standing Buffalo).

LADIES TRADITIONAL First - Vera Morrisseau (Winnipeg), Second - Yvonne Merrick (New Town, North Dakota), Third - Darlene Carrier (Piapot).

LADIES FANCY: First - Josephine Kaysaywaysemat (Broadview); Second - Kathy Kiasowatum (Piapot), Third - Joy Thompson (Carry-the Kettle).

MEN'S FANCY : First - Donny Ironchild (Piapot), Second - Alex Nahnepowisk (Piapot); Third - Mervin Bob (Broadview).

MEN'S FANCY: First - Junior Bearstail (Mandaree, North Dakota); Second - Ron McNabb (Gordon's Reserve); Third - Andrew Mecas (Waywayseecappo).

To conclude the 1981 celebration, the winners in each category danced with pow-wow committee president Ronnie Wakeup, Chief Irvin Starr and secretary Beverly Bellegarde.

M.C.'s for the event were Mike Pinay of File Hills and Gordon Moroceau of Winnipeg.