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Qu'Appelle Indian School Council "Takes Over"

Martha Ironstar

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      AUGUST 1981      v11 n08 p32  
A positive step will be taken in September of 1981, as the management of educational programs in the Qu'Appelle Indian Residential school (QIRS), will be taken over by the QIRS council.

The take over will give the school council an opportunity to make decisions concerning educational curriculum at the school.

Education programs at QIRS next fall semester will comprise of four areas: • academic • vocational • recreational and • moral. Students will have an opportunity to achieve academic excellence in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies and other subjects taken by other fine schools in the province.

The council's objective is to ensure the students receive a high standard of education, which would instill self-confidence and pride within themselves.

The vocational program will include Industrial Arts, Business Education and Home Economics. Students taking Industrial Arts for the first year will have courses in woodwork, welding, drafting and electronics. The business education will include typing, bookkeeping, accounting and a course in office procedures. Home Economics will be confined to foods and clothing.

The objective of the vocational program is to provide the students with the skills needed to be employable upon completion of high school.

The two goals within the recreational education program is to excel in sports competitions at the unit, district and provincial levels and to train the young men and women of tomorrow in meaningful leisure time activities.

Through the physical education program the council's aim is to stress the importance of good health and physical fitness.

Concerning moral education at QIRS, the council's wish is to confine their efforts to the teaching of ethics. The objective is to give the students a glance of the various choices in life.

As principal of QIRS, Mohan Bakshi wrote in their newsletter "we wish them (students) to have freedom of choice, what we want to do is ensure they exercise their choice with knowledge and not ignorance." Bakshi said, "to do all this is a challenge, to provide opportunities to accomplish these objectives is a step forward......