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Profile On Social Services

submitted by Valerie Wesaquate, Social Services Co-ordinator

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      AUGUST 1981      v11 n08 p08  
The purpose of the FSI's Health and Social Services Task Force is to examine the existing jurisdictional disputes in program delivery. It is also designed to provide comprehensive health and social policy for ratification by the Chiefs of Saskatchewan with the Policy Council of Health and Social Services Task Force which also consists of Chiefs for the implementation of treaty rights.

Within the Task Force as a social services co-ordinator, it is my responsibility to identify both community and individual needs in the areas of ADOPTION SERVICES, CHILD & YOUTH PROTECTION, CHILD CARE SERVICES, LEGAL COUNSEL, REHABILITATION SERVICES, ELDER CARE, INCOME SUPPORT, SPECIAL NEEDS, LOCAL AND CENTRALIZED SERVICES, AND DAYCARE SERVICES.

I'm also involved in other related areas such as conducting research, planning and development studies in specific areas of Indian Social Services, as well as conducting evaluative research of existing programs and any-new programs initiated. In addition I'm involved in designing new programs and developing funding proposals for on-going and new programs in the area of Indian Services.

One of the priorities which I have set out at the present time is Daycare Services. In response to the requests made by the Pasqua and Peepeekesis Band, two proposals for Daycare Services have been submitmitted for review. We are now in the process of negotiating for funding for these programs. Within the urban centres it is easier to set up a Native Daycare Centre. At the Band level it is a bit harder with the regulations and policies that are set out. I believe with the determination of both of these Daycare committees and the Task Force, we can make a Daycare at the Band level become a reality.

In regards to Elder Care and the Handicapped, a brief report has been submitted to The Parliamentary Committee on the Disabled and Handicapped. Recommendations have been made to this Committee for improvements of living conditions for our Elderly Indian Handicapped and disabled persons in Saskatchewan. We are also in the process of developing a Multi-purpose Handicapped and Elders Centre. This centre would be involved in services such as:

Our recommendations will be followed up and we should be hearing from the Parliamentary Committee in the near future.

Our main priority is the Child Care services. It is felt that there are too many Indian children being adopted to non-Indian homes and have been lost. We are hoping to implement a Child Location Unit where the child may be taken care of until their family problems are solved.

We would like to see recruitment of foster homes at the Band level to decrease this level of Indian Child Adoption.