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Education For The North...SICC Course Held In Black Lake

Sam Waskewitch

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      NOVEMBER 1980      v10 n11 p41  
Black Lake, a Chipewyan community located in the midst of uranium development in northern Saskatchewan, shows the progress of modern life-styles as people strive to get an education.

Ten students from various surrounding communities attended a twelve-day course on Accounting and Administration sponsored by Saskatchewan Indian Community College located in Saskatoon.

Mr. Bill Penerowsky, Band staff Training Co-ordinator for the Community College, was on hand to present the certificates of achievement to the graduates. Penerowsky outlined the function and operation of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, Indian Control of Indian Education and various areas of treaty rights.

Penerowsky is co-ordinating another workshop in Peter Ballantyne and will negotiate in the future for a Pilot Training Program.

Conrad Docken of Meadow Lake instructed his students in areas of accounting, budgeting and band administration. His most enjoyable experience was learning of the cultural and traditional ways of the Chipewyan people. Docken expressed concern about the education system in the north. All students expressed complete satisfaction with the outcome of the program and Conrad's instruction. He was later presented a gift from the group. He admitted to feeling sad to leave as he admired his beautiful white fox pelt. Three of Conrad's students accompanied him to conduct a similar workshop for Peter Ballantyne Band.

Newly-elected Prince Albert District Representative, Matthew Yooya's main concern is to get recognition for the North, both from the F.S.I. and the Department of Indian Affairs. "We are a 'raising' group of people," he said.

Mr. Yooya briefed the assembly in the area of uranium enterprises on reserves and spoke of the educationally-handicapped people throughout the North. He would like to see a northern technicial school in the near future.

The successful graduates of the program are John Throssie, Agnes Toutsaint, Therese Isannie, Modest Bigeye, Margaret Sha'Quille, Margarite Denechezhe, Helen Throassie, Therese Toutsaint, Martin Marlene, and Raymond Adam.

The FSI shares the communities' pride in the achievement of these graduates.