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Indian Education Commission To Be Established

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      NOVEMBER 1980      v10 n11 p41  
On April 24th, the initial submission for development of an Indian Education Commission was discussed in North Battleford. The submission, through the Social Planning Secretariat, was directed by the Chiefs of the province.

The Commission will carry out the research, planning, and development prerequisite to the establishment of an Indian Education Act, with accompanying regulations, and an effective system of Indian education in Saskatchewan.

The mechanisms of putting the structure into operation, and the organization required to carry out the mandate of the Act, were completed this month.

The Commission, under the chairmanship of Ida Wasacase, Director of the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, is now in the process of carrying out the terms of reference. These include:

1) The review of all available information pertinent to the education of Indian students in Saskatchewan.

2) Facilitating dissemination of information to the Indian people of Saskatchewan.

3) Receiving public input on any matter within the scope of the proposed Indian Education Act.

4) Determining whether existing services and arrangements for education of Indian students meets the requirements of the Treaties.

5) To determine if the current laws, regulations, and policies affecting the education of Indian students are adequate.

6) Recommend to the Chiefs of this province an Indian Education Act, with accompanying regulations.

In conducting the Commission, the Board will receive submissions or briefs, both written and oral, from individuals and organizations; will organize and conduct meetings in such places as is necessary to allow the Indian people of Saskatchewan the opportunity to receive information and present their views; conduct any research required to comply with the intent of the Commission; arrange for the proceedings of all meetings to be recorded and transcribed; and no later than August 31st, 1980, the Commission will:

I      Prepare a report of its findings and recommendations, and

II     Forward its report and a transcript of the proceedings of the public meetings to the Chiefs of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians.

Indian Education Commission To Be Established

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      NOVEMBER 1980      v10 n11 p42  
The scope of the investigation will devote particular attention to six distinct, but related, evaluative and developmental topics, including the jurisdictional questions affecting Indian education; and the creation of an Indian Education Act, with accompanying regulations. Additional information about the Commission may be secured by contacting Ms. Wasacase at the Federated College, University of Regina, or Mr. Ron Albert, 3rd Vice-President of the FSI at 1030 Idylwyld Drive, Saskatoon, or Mr. Cliff Starr, Education Consultant for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians at 1114 Central Avenue, Prince Albert.