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First Treaty Graduates From Central Pentecostal College [Roger Ratt]

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1980      v10 n05 p31  
On April 20th, Mr. Roger Ratt of the La Ronge Reserve became the first Saskatchewan Treaty Indian to graduate from the minister's training program of Central Pentecostal College in Saskatoon.

Central Pentecostal College is the theological college of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada serving the denomination's churches of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

Roger Ratt Roger & his family
Roger Ratt Roger and Louise Ratt, Beverly and Adrian

Dr. Ken Birch, president of the College, spoke of Mr. Ratt's graduation as a landmark occasion for the school and for the church's Indian work.

He explained that up to this point there have been specialized training programs for Indian pastors suited to their educational backgrounds and the Saskatoon College has been primarily training white pastors.

Roger Ratt first began to preach among Indian congregations of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in 1972 after a profound experience of conversion to Christianity.

Church leaders recognized in him the ability to handle in-depth biblical and theological studies and encouraged him to enrol at Central. The denomination also assisted him financially during his three years of study.

Roger is married and has two children. His wife, Louisa, also took several courses which will enable her to give greater support to Roger in his ministry of pastoring and teaching on several reserves in the north-central part of the province.

Commenting on his experience and future goals, Roger says, "I believe God has allowed me and enabled me to take this course of studies so that I can teach our Indian people the deeper truths of the Bible. I believe Indian people are tired of running after every preacher and strange teaching that comes our way. God's word is the only sure and stable foundation for our personal lives and our churches."

The Ratts will be living in Canwood and travelling on a regular basis to teach on several reserves in the area.