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Indians Reclaim Land [Fishing Lakes Reserve]

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1980      v10 n05 p13  
A small portion of the hamlet of Kylemore, located 11 kilometres east of Wadena, is to revert back to the Fishing Lakes Reserve.

The portion of land, part of 13,100 acres the band surrendered in 1907, was never sold to non-Indian interests and is part of the original northern portion of the Fishing Lakes Reserve.

For the past 73 years the small portion of Kylemore has remained under band ownership, and in a recent referendum held on the reserve, a majority of band members voted to have the land reverted to reserve status.

The Department of Indian Affairs says the decision to have the land revert back to the reserve was left up to the band.

The land will be transferred back to the band once a new legal survey has been completed and the total amount of land is known and registered.