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Library Books [Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College Library]

Deanna Wuttunee

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE/JULY 1980      v10 n6&7 p26  
Books, tapes, and records totalling $1,300 are overdue at the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College Library. This does not include overdue notices from April, totalling 147 titles, or the upcoming notices for May, totalling 313 titles.

The library specializes in a unique collection of writings and books written by, for, and about, Indian people. Some are out of print and cannot be reproduced. Most are written in the States and are not worth while reprinting from the market demand point of view common to publishers and printers.

"We've had an exceptional number of borrowers in May," says Marie Ahenakew, library technician at the college. A total of 450 books were signed out that month and 137 have been returned on time. There is no fine involved in returning overdue books.

Library Books [Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College Library]

Deanna Wuttunee

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE/JULY 1980      v10 n6-7 p27  

Marie Ahenakew, library technician

Marie Ahenakew holds up the overdue
notices dating back to July 1978

The actual value of the books is far more than the price marked inside the jacket. There is the cost factor of man-hours involved in laminating and binding the books, and the price inflation from year to year.

The library has been in operation since 1972, and has an excellent reference section.

Schools and other libraries use it extensively on a library to library loan basis, and to enrich the classroom curriculum.

Mailed books and xeroxed materials are available at a special rate with return postage prepaid by the library.

There are approximately 5700 books, 400 films, and 250 records available.

The library's aim is to assemble and preserve any materials relating to Indian language, literature and cultural history, and to establish and maintain a reputation as a reliable information centre about Indian people.

Library facilities are beneficial to everyone in the community. These materials and books were available when signed out.