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Indian Studies Honour Night Spotlights Graduates

Patrick Lachance, Information Officer

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1980      v10 n01 p25  
A reception honoring two graduates from the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College was held at the University of Regina on October 20, 1979. Sharon Carrier of the Piapot Reserve and Lorraine Dick of Fort Qu'Appelle obtained their Bachelor of Arts degrees with a Major in Indian Studies. They received their degrees at the University of Regina Fall Convocation, which was held at the Centre of the Arts.

An "Indian Studies Honor Night" was held on November 16th, for Sharon, Lorraine and Phyllis Lerat. Phyllis of Cowesses Reserve had convocated on May 29, 1979, with a double major in Indian Studies and Psychology.

The banquet started with the traditional march. Senator Angus Merasty carried the flag and Resident Elder Jim Ryder carried the staff. The Saskatchewan Indian Federated College Pow-Wow Club sang the honor song.

Headtable guests included: Dr. Owen Anderson, Regional Director of the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development; Ida Wasacase, Director of the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College; Cliff Starr; Teal Lowery, University Secretary, University of Regina; Gary Wouters, Provincial Government Representative, and former F.S.I. consultant on Education and the three graduates with their escorts.

Nathan Beaudry was the Master of Ceremonies and would have done a perfect job if he hadn't called on Teal Lowery and Cliff Starr to speak prior to the meal.

The Pow-Wow Club wound up the banquet by singing two more songs and everyone danced to the drum. A dance subsequently followed. Music was supplied by the Moonshine Molly Band.

Information Officer

Senator Angus Merasty and Resident Elder Jim Ryder
Senator Angus Merasty and Resident Elder, Jim Ryder holding the
flag and staff.

DR. Owen Anderson addresses the crowd at the banquet.
on the left is Lorraine Dick, and on the right is M.C. Nathan Beaudry.

Sol Sanderson, Cliff Starr, Ida Wasacase, Walter Currie, Walter Dieter, Lorraine and Sharon
Some of the people in attendance at the reception were from left to right - Chief Sol Sanderson, Cliff Starr, Ida Wasacase, Dr. Walter Currie, Senator Walter Dieter, and of course Lorraine and Sharon.