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Indian Leaders Reject E-12 Guidelines

Archie King

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1980      v10 n01 p04  
Indian Leaders Reject E-12 Guidelines REGINA - Education is a treaty right. This position was echoed by Indian leaders attending the Chiefs Policy Conference held in (this city).

Indian youth are denied the right to post-secondary education as the result of Indian Affairs policy of its E-12 guidelines it was pointed out by the University of Saskatchewan Regina campus Indian student body.

Steve MacArthur, president, addressing the Indian leaders, called for policy change at the national level. Various Indian students also voiced concerns which require immediate attention if they are to survive. Pat Atimoyoo, Provincial Indian student representative, said the living allowance allocated each University student is below the poverty level. Calling for change she outlined the fact that under the E-12 guidelines many Indian students are being denied their goals of attaining any higher education restricting them to set number of student weeks.

Lending her support Federated College Director Ida Wasacase said: as a result we have approximately 100 to 120 graduates from Grade 12 each year in Saskatchewan and as a result at the University of Regina we get students who have been rejected from their community or from the selected programs and if the University accepts them then they must go through an intensive program.

Realizing the future of its youth lies in their hands an unanimous support was given by the Provincial Indian leaders rejecting the E-12 Guidelines.

Future meetings with Indian Affairs at the Federal and Regional levels were proposed by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians.