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Sask. Indian Recreation Directors Meet At Fort San

Martha Ironstar

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      DECEMBER 1980      v10 n12 p44  
The Saskatchewan Indian Recreation Directors attended a certification program at Fort San, Sask. on November 3-7. This is an on-going program held every year for first, second and third year Recreation Director trainees. Each of the three groups had different things to learn about.

The goal of the workshop is to train Indian Recreation Directors to achieve a level of competence that will allow them to meet the demand for recreation, sports and leisure activities on Saskatchewan Indian reserves.
Co-ordinator of the workshop, Henry Sutherland of the Saskatchewan Indian Community College, lined up an excellent list of resource people including Osborne Turner and Vern Bachiu of Saskatchewan Indian Community College, Dennis Acoose of Federated College, Jim Dalgleish and Art Obey of the F.S.I., Ray Ahenakew of Sandy Lake Reserve, Tony Sparvier of the Cowesess Reserve, various Indian Affairs personnel, provincial Dept. of Culture and Youth personnel, Les Ferguson of the 4=H, Program, as well as Sask-Sports personnel.

On November 3 the agenda included life skills with facilitator Osborne Turner. He proceeded to get things rolling by requesting the class to write up a short history of their role in the, community as Recreation Directors and a brief history about themselves. This exercise turned out to be very interesting and humorous. Mr. Turner explained the life skills course and how it pertains to the Recreation Director, listing the skills involved in the course and how to implement the skills to their advantage.

Turner also discussed the political system within the outside world and how it affects the Recreation Directors at the reserve level. Theory was also presented to the class, emphasis being placed on the life skills model.
The Recreation Directors returned in the afternoon to focus their attention on the National Coaching Certification Program presented by Dennis Cline and Barry McKay of Regina, Sask. This Coaches Clinic Level I was taken by the Recreation Directors for 14 hours during this workshop.

Coaching' Coaches is what this program` is all about. The program is a well-designed-and thorough system for building up the coaching background that the Recreation Directors need, and for exposing them, to coaching methods. The program centered around the role of the coach, with emphasis on the skill of communication, sport psychology, how the body works and grows, skills analysis, sports safety, teaching skills and planning practice.

Following completion of the clinic the students received their certificates recognizing their participa-

Richard Brittain receives certificate from Oliver Cameron
Richard Brittain of James Smith
receives certificate from
Oliver Cameron, Principal of
Sask. Indian Community College.
Howard Goodwill
Howard Goodwill -
Standing Buffalo
Ernie Acoose
Ernie Acoose - Sakimay.
Terry Sanderson
Terry Sanderson - James Smith.

Sask. Indian Recreation Directors Meet At Fort San

Martha Ironstar

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      DECEMBER 1980      v10 n12 p45  
tion in the National Coaching-Certification Program - Level I.

On Tuesday, Les Ferguson of the Indian 4-H Program talked with the Recreation Directors to discuss what the program was all about and what the program has to offer the youths on reserves. Art Obey discussed the characteristics of a good Recreation Director, and Tony Sparvier centered on the, area of budgeting.

First year students discussed the role of a Recreation Director with Mr. Obey on Wednesday. They planned the types of recreation they can undertake with the equipment and resources they have on the reserve, also the types of recreation they could promote. Dennis Acoose facilitated the group of second and third year student's who discussed facilities. The students also centered on the subjects of administration with Tony Sparvier, public speaking - Henry Sutherland, recreation boards - Dennis Acoose, proposal writing and presentation with Vern Bachiu, and community concerns with Tony Sparvier.

One of the objectives of the workshop was to train the Indian Recreation Directors in the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to maintain their roles as Recreation Directors and to cope with pressures placed on them by Band Councils and membership.

Thursday evening the Recreation Directors held their banquet/graduation. M.C. for the evening Frank Asapace, introduced elder Fred Yahyahkeekoot, who recited the opening prayer. The M.C. then introduced the guest speakers: Tony Sparvier, Art Obey, Henry Sutherland, Wayne Ahenakew and Oliver Cameron while everyone enjoyed their steak dinner!

Mr. Ahenakew congratulated the students and encouraged them to promote minor sports in reserves. He shared information on his background as he now handles the portfolio for recreation.

Elder Fred Yahyahkeekoot, alcohol counsellor at the New Dawn Valley Centre, described his role as an alcohol counsellor. He asked the people to raise their hands to identify if they were Cree or Sioux Indians, as he wanted to know who understood the Cree language; most people did. He related a story where the Cree Indians of two generations ago called the white people "wooden boat men", because the whites arrived in a wooden boat. The Crees would call them wooden boatmen in their native language.

The elder then expressed his opinion by saying, that the Recreation Director has a very important role on our reserves as they promote management, participation and leadership, which is needed in our communities. He opposes the idea of alcohol being a part of workshops or any gathering, as it is "the root of all problems on reserves today."

Frank Asapace, MC
Frank Asapace, Recreation Director of Poorman, was M.C. for the banquet/graduation.

Mr. Yahyahkeekoot encouraged the graduates to do the best they can on their reserves, to be a part of the Indian Recreation Directors Program and any, organization that helps others: "Look at it as a family, a big family, help one another".

There were four graduates from the program this year and for the second year in a row the workshop has been run by all Indian resources.  The graduates were introduced by fellow recreation directors Gerald Crowbuffalo, Fred Moccasin, Olive Kayseas and Howie Anderson. Speeches were given about the graduates by Joseph Agecoutay, Frank Asapace, Leonard Favel and Lindsay Start. The students talked about background of the graduates, family, education, employment and hobbies. Graduates this year were Terry Sanderson of James Smith Reserve, Richard Brittain also of James Smith, Howard Goodwill of Standing Buffalo and Ernie Acoose of Sakimay.

Dave Moostoos, one of the trainees was recognized, for his involvement with the Bantam hockey team that travelled to Belgium, Holland and England.

The closing remarks and prayers were offered by elder Fred Yahyahkeekoot.

Friday morning the workshop wrapped up with an evaluation of the training session in areas of quality of the resource people, presentation of material and training format. Discussions regarding the next workshop took place.