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Year Of The Child Workshop Held At Beardy's

Ruth Ahenakew

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      APRIL 1980      v10 n04 p11  
Year of the Child workshop at Beardy's A delayed "Year of the Child" workshop sponsored by the Beardy's Band to make band children more aware of educational and career opportunities was held on the reserve recently. Scheduled for last November to coincide with the International Year of the Child, the March 17 and 18 workshop was well attended by young and old interested in bettering themselves or their families.

Eli Bear, Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College opened the workshop by speaking to the children about Indian culture. He spoke on how his Indian values have substained him throughout his life. Elder Lawrence Eyahpaise and Eli Bear held a pipe ceremony to open the workshop.

Oliver Gamble, Career Counsellor for the Saskatchewan Indian Community College spoke on the philosophy of the Community College and their objectives to meet adult education needs for Reserves in Saskatchewan.

He outlined the programs offered through this institution such as: upgrading, skills and trades, journeyman's programs, band staff training, university and interest classes.

Dan Umpherville, tutorial counsellor for the ITEP Program did a presentation explaining the profession teaching.

The parents and students formed a panel and held a discussion on such topics as Education Act, the rights of students. A foray of ideas and opinions were exchanged between parents and students. The audience enjoyed this part of the seminar. The students then watched the film "In the Spirit of Our Forefathers". The second day of the workshop was primarily with law enforcement.

Corporal Doug Anderson from the Rosthern Detachment was on hand to speak to the students. Cpl. Anderson has been a force member for sixteen years.

He touched on many topics such as the Juvenile Delinquency Act, how such things a alcohol and drugs peer pressures interact with car thefts and juvenile activities.

He spoke on the role of a policeman in a community. He urged the young people to respect and help the old people. This was followed by a question and answer period. Elder Eli Bear spoke again on family life, the Indian values and their effect on social problems.

Marie Ahenakew from the SICC library bought a display. She explained about the library, gave an outline of what was available; such as books, tapes, records and kits. She stressed that the library belongs to every reserve in Saskatchewan.

Following this the ladies served a delicious lunch. Elders Eli Bear and Lawrence Eyahpaise concluded the workshop with a prayer and the pipe ceremony.