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Indian Community Honors Oldest Resident

Archie King

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      SEPTEMBER 1979      v09 n09 p21  
ONION LAKE - Grandchildren outnumbered relatives and friends coming in droves to honor Jimmy chief on his 91st birthday at a banquet sponsored by the family and band council of Onion Lake. The gala affair was held at the community band hall.

Joining the grand gentleman were fellow members of an illustrious sect, including Wilfred Chocan, Alec Stick, and Jim Kahneeptaytayo, Ed Fox of Sweetgrass, and family members, Rema Naistus (daughter), Norman (son), and Alvina (daughter-in-law).

Chief Alex Harper served as master of ceremonies. Words of wisdom and many humorous incidents were recalled by fellow elders paying tribute to the guest of honor upon reaching this milestone.

During a brief outline of Jimmy Chief's early life, Chief Alex Harper noted that the Mr. Chief was seen every morning, either chopping or sawing wood, a rare sight in an Indian community these days. During his era as a band councillor, Mr. Chief was actively involved in the formation of a provincial Federation of Indian leaders, which eventually became the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians.

Jimmy Chief, son of the late Chief Robert Chief, is a descendant of Chief Seekaskootch, the Indian Chief after whom the Indian community was named. He was born in 1889, one year before the communitywas surveyed as a reserve.

Indian Community Honors Oldest Resident

Archie King

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      SEPTEMBER 1979      v09 n09 p22  
After everyone had enjoyed a delicious meal of 'good chicken' musical entertainment was provided by Raymond Chocan and sons, backed by John George Macdonald.

It took some blowing for "Mosom" to blow out all the candles which took two cakes to accommodate, but after some mighty puffing, the task was accomplished. The cake was later served by his numerous grandchildren.

The highlight of the joyous occasion came when "Mosom" unwrapped the many gifts bestowed on him by relatives and friends. It was not until he had unwrapped a pair of rubbers that he gave them a big 'grin'.

Having the last word, Jimmy Chief thanked the people who attended the banquet and gave special thanks to his beloved grandchildren for honoring him on his 91st birthday.

Jimmy Chief's Birthday Party
Eager celebrants surround Elder Jimmy Chief (center left)