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Ceremonial Ends Week-Long Cultural Activity

Florence Poorman

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      SEPTEMBER 1979      v09 n09 p20  
On Friday, August 17, a special ceremony ended a weeklong series of events at Wahpeton Reserve. Visitors came from the surrounding areas and from Standing Buffalo and Moosewoods Reserves. The elders assisted in ceremonial formality. A meal, prepared and served in the Indian way, was enjoyed by all.

Tee-pees and tents covered the grounds. The ceremony marked the end of a cultural week for the children of the Reserve. Keeping the Indian children aware culturally will assist this generation to understand the world around them. Archie Eagle, Paul Littlecrow and Helen Buffalo from Moosewoods Reserve aided the elders from Wahpeton Reserve during the week of spiritual and cultural teachings.

When the feast was over, gifts were presented to the visitors from far away Mrs. Rose Buffalo, a member of Wahpeton Reserve distributed the tributes.

To conclude the camp, a powwow took place, with the Sturgeon Lake Reserve singers performing the honors for the dancers. Mrs. Rose Buffalo supervised this event, which was symbolic of the bigger powwows. The children displayed the costumes made by their mothers for the occasion. There is a great deal of creativity and sewing, which go into costumes such as this. The dancers performed very well. Winner of the small boy's contest was Charlie O'Manny, and in the teen boys' category, Basil LaFond won a beautiful blanket. In the ladies traditional competition, Mrs. Edith Waditaka placed first.

Excellent performances by all the dancers encouraged the singers to supply the music until midnight, and no one could resist joining in on the fun.