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Indian Content To Help Examine History

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      SEPTEMBER 1979      v09 n09 p20  
Celebrate Saskatchewan has set up committees to promote Saskatchewan's 1980 anniversary.

The Diamond Jubilee Act, passed by the Legislature in 1978, established the Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee Corporation to coordinate and initiate government and local programs to recognize the province's 75th birthday.

Celebrate Saskatchewan Committee will coordinate project ideas and activities from the community level. This committee will also propose allocation of provincial and regional funding.

The historical and cultural contribution of the Indian people has been very significant and has not been duly recorded or recognized and it has often been misinterpreted.

The Elders have always played a major role in being the keepers of our history and tradition. Our old people describe places; historical sites even before Saskatchewan was a province.

The Senators are actively involved in the organizing of the Historical Committee. Three major projects including the identification of special historical sites such as Treaty making places and historical meeting places are being discussed.

Another aim is to establish a Saskatchewan Indian Museum and Archives.

The third area would be to research and rewrite history as seen by our people. The development of Indian historical texts and curriculum material is very important, and would contribute a great deal to the pride and identity of young Saskatchewan Indians.