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Residence Reunion Draws Distance Students

Lyla Lavallee

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      OCTOBER 1979      v09 n10 p27  
To help celebrate the 50th anniversary, former students of the Gordon Student Residence planned a get together for approximately a week.

The school as it now stands was built in 1929 after fire destroyed the frame school at the same location.

Since this school was built, many students and staff have passed through the doors. Co-ordinating this celebration was Mel McNab, administrative assistant at the school.

Many activities were planned for the occasion. They had a fish derby one afternoon for all the patient people. Another day, a golf tournament was planned and sixteen golfers turned out. The golf pro Ron Buffalo had his day and won.

Thursday evening, a talent show with eight contestants hit the music trail with their best performance to try and reach the cash prizes. After numerous selections by the contestants, Mr. Herbie McNab was voted as the one with the best talent, along with Sheila Cyr and Lonnie's Musical Band. For their performances each received $175.00.

A dance on Friday evening was enjoyed by all.

To start the five-day celebration, a banquet was held on Wednesday to welcome all the former students and staff of the residence.

While advertising the reunion, letters from all across Canada were received. Some had plans to come while others could not make the trip due to prior committments. There were about 250 to 300 students and staff who returned to join in the celebration, some for just a day while others stayed the week and visited with friends and relatives. Some folks that attended the old stone school came back to talk over their experiences.

There were people from British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, even as far as the states of California and Arizona, USA.

The weekend included a three day pow-wow with dancers from across the prairies and the northern states competing for $7,000.00 in 12 categories. Many of the winners have been competing each weekend since the season began in late June. Dancers like Kim Dickinson, Kipp WhiteCloud and others were some names frequently heard on the pow-wow trails each weekend.

This ended the celebration of meeting old classmates from years gone by.