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Statement By P.A. District Chiefs

Florence Poorman

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      OCTOBER 1979      v09 n10 p16  
The Prince Albert District Chiefs and Board of Directors of the P.A. Student Residence documented a statement for the meeting, which was held on October 18, 1979. This document was presented by Chief Cy Standing of the Wapehton reserve.

The statement indicated that the 41.15 acres of Federal Crown land is held in trust by the federal government, for the education of Indian people and is under the direct administration and control of the Board of Directors. The transfer of this Federal Crown Land to the reserve system of the Peter Ballantyne band will, for the immediate future, result in no land-use or administration change. In the longer term, it will provide a significant development opportunity for the Peter Ballantyne band and the other bands of the Prince Albert District.

The statement also enclosed the position of the Prince Albert District Chiefs had in the operation of the school block under the auspices of a band controlled school, for the past five years.

The relationship between the Board and the city has been one of co-operation. For example, the Board has demonstrated it's cooperation in the past by consenting to provide a portion of Residence land to the city for the road diversion of 10th avenue W. into 9th avenue W.

The present jurisdiction of Residence property is clearly with the Crown, as land is under Indian jurisdiction at the present time. The City has never had any jurisdiction over this land and consequently has no land to lose.

The City's only involvement with the Residence has been the provision of municipal services for which a grant in lieu of taxes has been paid. Payment for municipal services will continue regardless of the transfer to Reserve status.

Conditions of this transfer of land are: (a) "that when the land attains reserve status it shall be set aside under Section 18 (2) of the Indian Act for Educational purposes for Indian children." (b) "the Minister will authorize the Chiefs of the Bands of the Prince Albert District to continue to be Board of Directors of the Prince Albert Indian Student Residence."

The Indian government in the Prince Albert area are committed to the social and economic development of their people on urban as well as rural lands. Successful Indian development depends, in part on the support of the larger non-Indian community.

We the Board of Directors firmly believe that if the public is given the clear facts, they will support our position now and for the future operation and development of this institution and related lands.