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Oliver Cameron: Newly Established SICC Principal

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1979      v09 n05 p30  

Oliver Cameron
Oliver Cameron, Principal of the Community College (Right).

The staff of the Saskatchewan Indian Community College and Federation of Saskatchewan Indians takes great pride in announcing the appointment of Oliver Cameron as principal of the College.

The Community College came into being as a result of an order in council in March 1976, under the directorship of Tony Sparvier. Oliver joined the staff as Information Officer in June of that year, and remained in that capacity until his appointment as principal on May 1, 1979.

The second eldest of 6 brothers and 3 sisters, Oliver was born to Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Cameron on Beardy's Reserve on November 17, 1945. He attained his elementary school education at St. Michael's Residential School in Duck Lake, then completed his secondary schooling at Lebret and Stobbart High School.

Oliver brings with him to his new position a wealth of knowledge and experience. After working for some time in Alberta in the construction field, he returned to Saskatchewan and secured employment in potash mine.

Following a short period as a child care worker for the provincial Department of Welfare, Oliver spent the following 6 1/2 years, from 1970-76, as a Band Management Officer for the Saskatoon District of the Department of Indian Affairs. During this period of tenure Oliver gained much valuable insight into the knowledge of both Indian Affairs and F.S.I. programming. His ability to communicate fluently in Cree was, and will continue to enhance his ability to serve the Indian people of Saskatchewan.

Since his election to Beardy's Band Council in March of this year, Oliver's ability and experience have proven to be of great value to the members of his Band. Oliver resides in Saskatoon with his wife Ruth and their 2 daughters, Colleen and Anita. When time permits, Oliver indulges in a wide range of interests, including reading (he is fast becoming recognized as the College "World War II" expert), hockey, golf and curling. He classes himself as an armchair quarterback and baseball player. Earlier this year, Oliver and cousins Billy, George and Ernie Cameron captured the championship in the Native Curling Bonspiel in Prince Albert.

The Saskatchewan Indian Community College has come a long way in the few years since its inception, and Oliver has many ambitions and impressive plans for further development. He exhibits pride in his association with such a unique institution, describing the College as providing "quality training, but needing carefully-planned expansion in personnel and course delivery. The apprenticeship program we are intending to implement will be a real plus, but it will not be developed at the expense of the Adult Basic Education Program, which remains a top priority. The demand for University programs is increasing tremendously".

In the short time he has been serving as principal, Oliver has already begun to implement his plans. After a succession of meetings with the school committees in Rosthern and Duck Lake, it has been decided that teachers employed at schools in those centers will be required to take Indian Studies classes to better accommodate the large numbers of Indian students attending school in town. This is surely one small step in the right direction.

The Indian people of Saskatchewan join the staff of F.S.I. in welcoming Oliver in his new capacity and wishing him much success during his tenure.