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Indian Horseman Complete Farrier Course At North Battleford

Archie King

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1979      v09 n05 p19  
NORTH BATTLEFORD - A farrier course, better known as horse shoeing, was recently completed by Indian horsemen including John Frank, Wayne Standinghorn, Burton Frank, Jehu Baptiste, Roy Bear, Floyd Pooyak, Mike Baptiste, Stan Pooyak, and Keith Wuttunee.

The course, which was organized by Harold Greyeyes, SIAP district Indian agriculture representative, was delivered by Saskatchewan Indian Community College. Instructor, Ken Clarke, from Lloydminister held classes for five days using the barns situated at the exhibition grounds of this city.

According to Harold Greyeyes the course included:

Discussing the course with the instructor, Greyeyes said the response was overwhelming and that the horsemen learned vital things in the care of horses feet.

With the increase of light horses in the area many of the participating horsemen have two or three horses, which run in horse meets during the summer.

According to Greyeyes the class indicated interest in a follow-up course to be conducted this summer or in the fall. The instructor also indicated his interest in a follow-up course.

"We were very fortunate to have the course considering the total cost was a minimum amount of $1,003.00," said Greyeyes.


Preparing Hoof for Shoeing
Roy Bear trims the hoof of his horse which will later be filed down for its shoe.
Indian Horsemen
Participants who recently completed the week-long farrier course included left-right, Jehu Baptiste, Roy Bear (instructor), Mike Baptiste, Burton Frank, John Frank, Wayne Standinghorn, Floyd Pooyak, Stan Pooyak, Harold Greyeyes (SIAP district ag-rep.).