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Indian Culture Makes Mark At Mosaic '79

Lyla Lavallee

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE 1979      v09 n06 p04  
We are not always forgotten!!!

This year, the committee for Mosaic 79, gave the chance to the Native people of Regina to join in with other cultures and display our food, dances and arts. Both the Indian and Metis people gave the Canadian Native Pavilion a good performance.

It was a first for the Canadian Native Pavilion which was at the Regina Friendship Centre.

The pavilion opened daily in mid afternoon for three days.

There was a very good response from the general public with line ups at the doors of each pavilion during the three days.

In the Canadian Native Pavilion, you could rest and have some tea, soup, bannock and chokecherries.

After eating, a person could look around at the rugs made in Indian designs by a women's group from Fort Qu'Appelle.

Indian jewellery, made from sterling silver and turquoise, and pendelton blankets were displayed by an Alberta family.

They were oil paintings by Indian artists, Indian crafts of beads and leather, moccasins and other articles.

There was a display about the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College. With the use of video tapes, pictures and literature one could learn all about the college.

Indian ladies representing the different tribes of Saskatchewan held a model show once a day. Each dress represented a different tribe.

There were many macrame displays for hanging plants made by various Metis locals.

After the inside displays, you would then go outside and if you were lucky, find a seat in the bleachers and watch various Indian groups from the neighbouring communities in their traditional dress dancing and singing. Groups from Piapot, Gordons, Standing Buffalo and Regina, had their singers and dancers on stage at various times.

Between rest periods for the Indian groups, you could watch the old timers showing their steps at jigging or square dancing.

A lot of work and effort was put into this first Canadian Native Pavilion to make it a success. Thanks to everyone.

Part of the crafts display at Canadian Native Pavillion
Part of the crafts display at Canadian Native Pavilion