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Second Meeting Of Saskatchewan Indian Veterans Association

Lyla Lavallee

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      FEBRUARY 1979      v09 n02 p05  
The Saskatchewan Indian Veterans from around the Touchwood File Hills Qu'Appelle district met for the second time. The meeting was held at the Standing Buffalo band office near Fort Qu'Appelle on Sunday Feb. 4.

Since this group has an executive council with Howard Anderson as president, monthly meetings are being planned. Henry Langan from the Cote Band is acting as a liaison between the other district veterans across the province. He informed the group that plans are in the making for a general assembly of the Indian war veterans of Saskatchewan sometime in March or April, but no definite plans have been made. He also informed them to think about what the objectives of such an association would be. He thought the unity of Canada, the constitution, and the treaties could be the top priorities along with other issues.

It was agreed by the group that the association be named "The Saskatchewan Indian Veterans Association" and not "The Saskatchewan Native Association" as it was called at the first meeting. They felt it would be more beneficial to everyone because Indians do have treaties and are identified under the Indian Act.

To be recognized as one of this group, a membership fee of ten dollars has to be paid. This membership includes veterans of wars, peace corps, special constables, militia, and Korean war veterans.

They will be having associate members, who will pay the same fees as the regular veterans. The powers of the associate members will be discussed at a later meeting in regards to voting and holding office.

The ladies were given the go-ahead in forming a ladies auxiliary, who in turn could become members of the association. As everyone knows, the ladies are the backbone of every organization.

Many members paid their fees at this meeting and it is hoped that each veteran would contact others in their surrounding communities who have not been informed of this organization. Mr. Langan informed the group that other districts have been in contact and it appears that North Battleford and Meadow Lake will unite with Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

The next meeting for this group will be held at the Marieval student residence on March 4. The Yorkton area people will be invited to this meeting and maybe plans to unite will come about at this meeting.