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Large Crowds Attend Beardy's Sports Day

Ruth Ahenakew

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      AUGUST 1979      v09 n04 p43  
Winner Lofty Peg Owned by Kenny Gardipy
The winner at Beardy's Sports day was Lofty Peg owned by Kenny Gardipy and recipient of a blanket and trophy donated by Ray & Brenda Gardipy.
Sandy Lake Sr. team captured the soccer tournament at Beardy's Sports Day.
Sandy Lake Sr. team captured the soccer tournament at Beardy's Sports Day.

At the Beardy's sports day, a large crowd turned out to watch horse races, men and women's fastball games and the soccer tournament.

Ken Tournier of Duck Lake was the announcer at the Horse Races.

Winner of the Indian Pony Race went to: 1 st - Chief - owner Tom Gardipy; 2nd - Joby - owner Clem Gamble; 3rd - Joe - owner Arsene Gamble.

1/2 mile open: 1st - Old Duffer - Tom Gardipy Sr.; 2nd - Pat Windsor - Ray Mandes; 3rd - Capson - owner Ed Fineday.

1/4 mile race: Randle's Pat Kimage - owner Dave Cameron.

5 furlongs: 1st - Phil Dusty - Tom Gardipy Sr.; 2nd - Double Rum - Ray Gardipy; 3rd - Double Circle - Baldhead Brothers.

6 furlongs: 1st - Tommy Pride - Tom Gardipy Sr.; 2nd - Flying Engine - Brenda Gardipy; 3rd - Balbon Moon - Robert Constant.

3/8 mile race: 1st - Blue Heeler - Ron Pricher; 2nd - Bud - Garth Esperance; 3rd - Flash - Mervin Mandes.

1 1/6 mile feature race: 1st - Upton Dan - Tom Gardipy; 2nd - Fortune Repeat - Tom Gardipy.

The Joe Gardipy Memorial Race: 1st - Lofty Peg - Kenny Gardipy; 2nd - Olympia Stride - Grant Gardipy; 3rd - Everlasting Life - Ray Gardipy.

Winner of the $200.00 purse was Bill Thomas of Osler. $100.00 - Barbara Sanderson of Kinistino. $50.00 went to Clayton Sutherland and Garth Esperance of Beardy's. Winner of three $25.00 prizes were: Leo Guigon of Duck Lake, Eddie Head of Kinistino and Fred Cameron of Beardy's.

Thoroughbred Chariot: 1st - Raymond Mandes 52.8 sec.; 2nd - Robert Constant 53 sec.; 3rd - Arsene Gamble 54 sec.

Pony Chuckwagon Race: 1st - Bert Ethier 75.6 sec.; 2nd - Hubert Pilon 76.0 sec.; 3rd - Sam Sklar; 4th - Frank Burns and Arsene Pilon tied with 78.9 sec.; 5th - Ed Martin - 79.0 sec.

In the Men's Fastball, eight teams entered the tournament. Beardy's Medallions won over Rosthern while Sask. Indian Cultural College team lost to Fort a la Corne. National Hotel (P.A.) beat Muskeg Lake with North Battleford getting a bye.

Beardy's Medallions then won over Fort a la Come while National Hotel (P.A.) lost to North Battleford.

Beardy's Medallions club won the A side over North Battleford 6-1. Muskeg Lake won the B side over Sask. Indian Cultural College.

In the Soccer events, Beardy's Jrs. Soccer team won by default over Sandy Lake Jr. Beardy's Cosmos won over Sturgeon Lake 3-1 and Poundmaker Kickers took Little Pine B Team 4-1.

Sandy Lake Sr. snuck by Little Pine A 1-0. Beardy's Cosmos beat Beardy's Jrs. 2-0. Sandy Lake Sr. won over Poundmaker Kickers 3-1.

The Sandy Lake Chiefs then took the soccer tournament with a score of 6-1 over hosting club Beardy's Cosmos.