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Tootoosis In Film Board Picture

Errol Kinistino

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      DECEMBER 1978      v08 n12 p27  
Gordon Tootoosis National Film Board (N.F.B.) Canada was on location this summer in Arcola, Saskatchewan's movie town. They were shooting Pump It Up, a comedy about an incident in a small town outside Regina prior to the Regina Riot, July 1, 1935. The story has much of the east trekking to Ottawa to protest unemployment.

The cast includes many seasoned actors and actresses, one of whom is Saskatchewan's Gordon Tootoosis.

Gordon, who plays a Metis in this production, is from Poundmaker Reserve. Well known on the powwow circuit in Saskatchewan and internationally, Tootoosis started his acting career in 1972 when he was chosen for the part of Almighty Voice in the film Alien Thunder. In this film he starred with Chief Dan George and Donald Sutherland.

Gordon met director Claude Fournier at Expo in Montreal in 1967. At this time he was invited to audition for Alien Thunder. Since doing the feature length film he has acted in theatres in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto and Montreal, playing major parts in many plays.

"Acting" says Tootoosis "isn't all pomp and glory. It involves line learning, remembering cuts, rehearsals and more rehearsals. It means getting up at 6 a.m. and going until midnight. Even if your part is small you must be prepared for long hours." He laughs at some of the not so seasoned actors and actresses who get frustrated at having to wait around until their sequence is shot. To him it's just part of the business.

While on location, Tootoosis was reading the script for the Mad Trapper, a three million dollar movie starring Oliver Reed which is scheduled to be filmed around Lac La Ronge.

Tootoosis in Film Board Picture... Tootoosis in Film Board Picture...