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Thunderchild Woman Honored As She Passes 101st Birthday

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE/JULY 1977      v07 n06 p25  
Annie ThunderchildAnnie Thunderchild of the Thunderchild reserve recently celebrated her 101st birthday. In her life she helped deliver 57 babies, never losing one, her daughter says.

POUNDMAKER - A Thunderchild Indian woman, Annie Thunderchild, now living with her only surviving daughter, Jennie Tootoosis, was recently honored on her 1O1st birthday.

Relatives and friends came to a traditional feast to pay tribute to "kookum".

It has been just recently that she had to give up her beadwork due to her failing eyesight. It was a part of her life she hated to give up.

During her early womanhood she was called upon many times to act as a midwife, said her daughter Jennie. Although she delivered 57 babies she never lost one, she said.

Her husband, Peter Thunderchild, was from the Thunderchild Indian band. Together they raised a total of 17 children. The only surviving member of the family is Jennie of the Poundmaker Indian band.

Thunderchild has a total of five great-great grandchildren, 27 great-grand children and 12 grandchildren.

She is also joined by Maggie Okanee from Thunderchild in the 101 club. Both of the ladies grew up on the reserve.