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Sanderson Is Re-Elected Chief In Landslide At James Smith

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      APRIL 1977      v07 n04 p33  
JAMES SMITH - Chief Solomon first vice-president of the won a landslide victory for his term as James Smith chief. Also running for chief was William Head and Marius McLeod.

Elected were last year's council James Burns, Jerry Constant, Walter Constant, Isaac Daniels, Lawrence Marion and Clifford Sanderson. The election also saw five new members voted into the council - Ruben Burns, Martha Constant, Roderick Head, Leonard Whitehead, and Angus Mclean.

In his campaign speech, Chief Sanderson stressed the important issues that lay before his band including land claims, securing of treaty rights and the recognition of Indian government.

"We are reaching a critical stage in the political development of our community," stated Sanderson.

Approximately 90 per cent of the eligible voters turned out to cast their vote in support of Chief Sanderson and the council.