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Ahenakew - Kennedy - Cote And Bellegarde Elected

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      OCTOBER 1976      v06 n10 p06  
Chief David Ahenakew regained the confidence of the Chiefs and their delegates representing approximately 43,000 Treaty Indians by being nominated by Tony Cote. There was no opposition and for the second time in a row Chief Ahenakew got in by Acclamation.

Chief David Ahenakew is from the Sandy Lake Indian Reserve just northwest of Prince Albert and now holds office as Chief for the fifth consecutive term.

Alec Kennedy from the Little Pine Reserve has once again regained the majority vote by out-polling Ken Carrier of Piapots for the Second Vice-Presidentship. This is the first time in three terms Mr. Kennedy has had any opposition. Prior to this he came in by Acclamation for two consecutive terms.

A By-Election for the position vacated by Noel Starblanket was contested by Albert Bellegarde and Ken Thomas. Albert Bellegarde of the Little Black Bear Band won by a clear majority. Mr. Noel Starblanket from - the Starblanket Reserve has gone into the National scene to become the Chief of all Canadian Indians in a recent Election at Whitehorse, Yukon.

Next fall this position held by Albert Bellegarde as - Third Vice-President will go up for Election again. The First Vice-President position held by Solomon Sanderson and the Secretary's position held by Cy Standing will also complete their two year term which will by up for Election in October of 1977. Each position on the FSI Executive is held on a two year term.

Realizing the political talent of Tony Cote, Chief Philip Morin of the Peter Ballantyne Reserve nominated Chief Cote for the position of Secretary-Treasurer. The Seconder was Chief Joe Quewezance of the Nut Lake Band from near Rose Valley. Like the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians Chief David Ahenakew, Tony Cote got into office by Acclamation.

This is the second time Chief Cote ran for this position which was held by Alec Bellegarde the last two years Chief Bellegarde made it known before the Elections that he had no intentions of running because of his heavy commitments on his Reserve, the Little Black Bear Band.

Two years ago Alec Bellegarde edged out Tony Cote for this position. Three years ago Chief Cote ran against a power house in Solomon Sanderson for the position of First Vice-President.

Chief Cote has always been active on the provincial scene since 1969. He has been very out spoken and admits he was blunt at times because he believed that "although the FSI is strong there is always room for improvement".

Chief Tony Cote
Chief David Ahenakew

The Chief made a commitment to the Saskatchewan Indians that he is going to pursue more youth oriented Programs. He said, "We are always leaving out the young generation who will one day be the leaders of this organization".

He said, "After the tragic death of Kenny Severight who was a member of the Saskatchewan Indian Bantams, I am going to work towards making better Programs for our young generation".

Chief Cote has now been a leader of the Cote Band - for the past six years and his term for Chief on the Reserve will be contested on October 26,1976.

Since becoming Chief of the Cote Band, Tony Cote has been a shrewd and tough leader to be reckoned with. He has lead the way for the other Chiefs in Saskatchewan in how to deal with Bureaucrats and other high governmental officials.

The Chief has been able to create major Programs that were unheard of such as the Cote Band Farm, the Cote Wood Industries, and various recreational facilities other reserves do not enjoy.

As one Chief indicated at the Conference, "We have gained a man of high calibre and this should be an added strength to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians in fighting for the rights of our people".

Ahenakew - Kennedy - Cote And Bellegarde Elected

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      OCTOBER 1976      v06 n10 p07  
Albert Bellegarde
Peter Dubois
Sterling Brass

The 3rd Vice position of the executive of F.S.I., recently vacated by the new NIB President, Noel Starblanket; has been filled by Albert Bellegarde from Little Black Bear Reserve.

The Chiefs and delegates elected Albert at the recent F.S.I. annual conference in Saskatoon. He won by a clear majority over the other candidate, Ken Thomas.

Albert is well known by the Indian people of Saskatchewan having worked for them over the past number of years.

He has taught for several years at various reserves like Carry The Kettle, Little Pine and Red Pheasant.

After his teaching career, Albert joined the government working as a training officer for the Public Service Commission for one year. He was then promoted to Coordinator of the Training Program for the Indian and Metis Department. He was with this department for two years.

After the government, he came to work for FSI as a District Representative for the Touchwood File Hills Fort Qu'Appelle area.

It was after this that Albert was appointed Associate Regional Director for the Department of Indian Affairs with the understanding that he would become the Regional Director when the position became vacant. Unfortunately things went sour and the department failed to renew his contract. The R.D. was Jim Wright.

In July of 1975, Albert came back to work for the FSI. He was made Director of the Sask. Indian Cultural College. This position he held until his recent promotion as President of the Sask. Indian Cultural College.

Albert has proven himself time and time again by his abilities and leadership.

At the Annual Chiefs conference held recently in Saskatoon, Chiefs and delegates from the Touchwood File-Hills Qu'Appelle District elected Peter Dubois for the District Representative for their area.

Nominees for the post were Fred Starr of Starblanket nominated by Thomas Desnomie seconded by Art Walker; Ivan McNab of Gordons nominated by Bill McNab second by Herman Blind and Peter Dubois of Muscowpetung nominated by Alvin Strongeagle seconded by Matthew Smoke.

After the first ballot Ivan McNab was eliminated. The second ballot proved Peter Dubois victorious.

Peter resides in Fort Qu'Appelle. He served on the Executive for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians as the First Vice President for a number of terms and then worked with the Regina Urban Indian Association. His most recent employment was with Native Metal Industries in Regina.

Chief Sterling Brass of Key Reserve is still riding high in the political scene as he was elected at the October's Chief's Conference to become the head spokesman for the Yorkton District Chiefs. Key Reserve is just north of Norquay.

Chief Sterling Brass had some opposition from Kenneth Sparvier of the Cowesses Band but the polls cast by the Yorkton District Chiefs and delegates decided by a clear majority.

The Yorkton District consists of the Eight Bands from Whitebear near Carlyle; Cowesses, Kahawistahaw, Sakimay and Ochapwace near Broadview and Key, Keeseekoose and Cote from near Kamsack.

Chief Kenneth Sparvier congratulated Chief Brass saying that he was glad that Sterling had won and that the unity of the Yorkton District Chiefs will continue with the firm support of his Band. Chief Sparvier once held the position as the Yorkton District Chiefs Representative for a term of over two years.

In last fall's selection for District Chiefs Representative Chief Tony Cote of the Cote Band has carried the head spokesman duties for the eight reserves. With Chief Cote's sucessful nomination by acclamation for the Executive position of Secretary-Treasurer for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians left the doors wide open for Chief Sterling Brass to be the most likely choice.

Ahenakew - Kennedy - Cote and Bellegarde Elected

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      OCTOBER 1976      v06 n10 p08  
Alex Kennedy
Gordon Albert
George Peeace

At the Annual Chiefs Conference in Saskatoon, Alex Kennedy retained his position as Second , Vice-President of the Federation of Saskatchewan, Indians.

Ken Carrier, Chief of the Piapot Band was the only candidate who ran against Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy was nominated by Chief Steven Pooyak of the Sweetgrass Band and seconded by Fred Martell, District Representative for the Meadow Lake District.

Alex has held this post for the past six years. The experience gained through the Indian Agricultural Program has made him known to all Indian Bands as a promising leader.

Alex resides on the Little Pine Reserve southwest of North Battleford.

Gordon Albert of Sweetgrass Reserve; was returned as the District Rep for the North Battleford Area. At the recent annual meeting of the FSI. The Chiefs of that District elected Mr. Albert because of his ability to speak and experience as he was the District Rep before.

In his acceptance speech Gordon stated he enjoyed working for the North Battleford Area, and he would be devoting his time and, energy, to some major issues. He also said one of the main objectives would be making the North Battleford District one of the strongest Districts in the Federation. He said "I can make it strong only with your support, as you know, I cannot do it by myself."

"I will also be going to each Reserve as before, to discuss your problems and it you have any problem and need help, please call the District office. I will try my best."

The Saskatoon District Chiefs and their delegates have returned George Peeace as a District Rep. for their area.

This position was one of several other positions up for election during the FSI's annual conference held recently at Saskatoon.

George's only opposition was Chief Ernest Mike, Chief of Beardy's Reserve.

This is the second term for George who is a member of Nut Lake Band.