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Pasqua School Burns

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1976      v06 n05 p21  
Pasqua - Fire completely destroyed the Pasqua Day School on Friday, April 23.

This school was a 24-year-old building which had three classrooms in it. Nursery, kindergarten, and grades one and two were held in this school. There were a number of games, toys; and library books, which were destroyed.

This building has been standing since 1952 and was a landmark for the people on Pasqua Reserve.

The children and staff stood and watched their school being burned while waiting for assistance from the Fort Qu'Appelle Fire Department, which is 12 miles away. When the Fire Department did arrive, the building was demolished. The Fire Department had to receive approval from the Department of Indian Affairs before they could come, to the reserve. A call was made from the Band Office, to the Fire Department saying that the Day School was on fire and that they needed assistance immediately. They were told that the call had to be okayed by the Department of Indian Affairs first.

The other school buildings will not be used for a couple days due to the water system. The purification units for the school's water supply were in the school that burned down.

Chief Alvin Strongeagle and Principal Bill Peigan are meeting with the Department of Indian Affairs to see what can be done about a school. In the meantime, they are holding classes at the Pasqua Band hall.

They hope that in the future better fire safety can be instructed and instituted in the schools on the reserves before there is a fatality. The Band are very glad to say there was no one injured this time, but why wait till then to do something.

Anyone having games, toys, or library books that would interest children, from ages 5 to 7 are asked to phone the Pasqua Band Office at 332-4277 or mail any donations of this kind to the Pasqua Band at Muscow, Saskatchewan.