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Henry Beaudry

Rene Wassil

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1976      v06 n03 p44  
Dr. John Warner and Henry Beaudry
Dr. John Warner and Henry Beaudry

February 18, 1976, was the opening of an exhibit of paintings by Henry Beaudry of the Mosquito Reserve. On display at the R.C.M.P. Museum in Regina, were 20 of Mr. Beaudry's finest works of art.

Henry Beaudry attended the show with his wife, Theresa, their granddaughter Cindy, his son Art, and Art's wife Muriel. Also in attendance at the show were: Dr. John Anson Warner, owner of the collection on exhibit and expert on Indian art; Mr. M. J. H. Wake, Museum Director; and Chief Superintendent J. Mills of the R.C.M.P., Regina Depot; among some 20 others at the opening night.

Henry Beaudry is originally from the Poundmaker's Reserve where he was born in 1921, he attended the Indian Residential School in Delmas. In 1941, Henry joined the Canadian Army and served in combat in southern Europe. After being wounded in battle, he was captured by German troops. On Christmas day, 1944, he was imprisoned in Stalag 7A where he remained until liberation in the spring of 1945. Upon Mr. Beaudry's return to Saskatchewan in the same year, he settled down with his wife Theresa on the Mosquito Reserve, where he took up painting in 1958.

Theresa Beaudry tells an amusing anecdote about her husband's first painting. Their young son had asked for the picture when it was finished and he was given it to do what he wished. The boy returned home the next day with a large box of comic books which someone had traded him for the painting.

Henry Beaudry is an entirely self-taught artist. Like other Indian artists' he has the feel for color, composition and Indian life that non-Indian artists do not possess. This is one characteristic which makes Beaudry's art, and Indian art in general so appealing to art lovers.

It is interesting to note concerning Beaudry's art: Allan Sapp, the Indian artist from Saskatchewan and who recently was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, says he will only hang good and worthy art. This is why he has acquired a work by Henry Beaudry to hang on his wall.

The paintings are on display at the R.C.M.P. Museum in Regina until April 18. Museum hours are 8 a.m. to 4:50 p.m. daily.