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Indian Art Gallery Opens

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1976      v06 n03 p30  
Saskatoon - The Indian Art Gallery of the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College opened its doors to the public with a truly magnificent show on February 27.

"100 Years of Saskatchewan Indian Art 1830-1930" from the Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery provided an array of interesting objects from the Indian cultures for the people to see.

A Pipe Ceremony conducted by Mr. S. Harper of Onion Lake opened the Gallery. Invitations were sent out to all staff of the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians. Chief David Ahenakew, Albert Bellegarde, and Alex Greyeyes as well as numerous others were in attendance. Coffee and doughnuts were served after which the visitors were able to leisurely view the numerous articles such as moccasins, headdresses, pipes, rattles, etc. on display.

Lili Chicken and Joe Roan of Sweetgrass displayed their headed costumes and fancy dance bustles, along with some paintings done by the Indian Art students. A few visitors were fortunate enough to see a demonstration of "how to make, a Sioux purse" by Joe.

Future exhibitions include individual shows by Indian Art students from March 29 to April 23. Each student will have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork that they have completed during the year. In May, the gallery hopes to have a show of drawings and paintings done by Sarain Stump.