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Mirasty - McShane Honoured

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1976      v06 n03 p14  
Senator Mirasty
Senator Mirasty
Chief Miles Venne making presentation to Dale Mcshane and Angus Mirasty
Chief Miles Venne making presentation
to Dale Mcshane and Angus Mirasty.

Senator Angus Mirasty and Dale McShane were both special guests at a banquet held in their honour at Lac La Ronge recently.

Senator Mirasty was a councillor for the La Ronge Band for 22 years and a board member for Kisaki Industries. He recently resigned as a board member.

Dale McShane was A councillor for five years in the La Ronge Band. He received a lovely pair of fur mitts. Mrs. McShane got a leather purse. He expressed his thanks for the gifts and how he enjoyed working with the people of the community. Presenting the gifts were two students, Florence Halkett and Roger Mckenzie.

Chief Miles Venne thanked Senator Mirasty for his service to the community. He presented the Senator with a pair of leather mitts and a watch.

The Chief said, "I know we will miss this man. The younger people have to start to take over in their footsteps. His guidance we cannot replace. He made long trips to get help when there was no transportation. I can still remember when we were going to lose our land. He was the man who made every effort to meet with the Department of Indian Affairs to settle the matters at that time."

Senator Mirasty said, "I thank the people of this community for the gifts and also the support you gave me. I know you people can manage your own business." He mentioned the roles Christianity had in trying to take the land, naming both the Catholic and Protestant missionaries.

Jim Roberts was elected Chief on February 16, 1889, and then signed Treaty 6 in 1893. Chiefs Roberts had made three trips to see the government."

In 1896, the Little Red River Reserve was finally surveyed. Mr. Gallip, Regional Superintendent at that time, said 67 sections, but the Chief disagreed, and instead he got 113 sections of land.

"Now what I want to stress here is to conserve your land and not to surrender it in any way. The treaty was signed with the British Crown and always remember that," Senator Mirasty told the guests at the banquet.