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League Of Saskatchewan Indians

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JULY 1976      v06 n07 p30-31  
League of Saskatchewan Indians

In the spring of 1928, the League of Saskatchewan Indians held a meeting at the Poundmaker band hall. Smith Atimoyoo provided the identification of the participants. If you have any information about the meeting or are able to identify, some of the people, please let us know. (Back row, l-r) George Kasokeo, Chickenase, Bonaise, Charlie Bear, Chatsis, Kasokeo, Baptiste Kam, Poundmaker II, Tootoosis, Unknown, Peter King, Unknown, Chief James Blackman, Chief Okanee, Joe Taylor, Canon Ahenakew, Chief Swimmer, Tom Favel, Jannie Kiskotagun, Angus, Unknown, Unknown, Josie Cuthand, George Atimoyoo, George Wuttunee, Pat Chatsis, Joe Paskimin, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Basil Favel Jr. (Seated, I-r) Alex Chickoosis, Charlie Jack, Abraham Epeyase, Old Kakum, John Sokawaypiance, Basil Favel Sr., Old Muskwa, Payaykwutch, Sappostakun, Unknown, Yewaysikan, Unknown.