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Cote Selects Sweep Rangers Tournament

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1976      v05 n01 p47  
The hustling Cote Selects made a clean sweep of the St. Philip's Rangers Hockey Tournament held at the Cote Sports Complex last month.

The Selects took a bye into the semi-finals when the Regina Braves failed to appear against them in the first round. The Selects then hemmed into the Sintaluta Hotel in their zone in convincing fashion most of the semi-final game: The score ended seven for the Selects and three for the Sintaluta entry.

The Selects then faced off against the hosting St. Philip's Rangers in the finals, bombarding them to a 12-4 victory. Goaltending and good defence was the name of the game for the Selects success.

The St. Philip's Rangers took wins against Duck Bay and the Badgerville Wagon Burners to earn the right to meet the Selects in the finals. They faced Cote playing back to back games.

It was a very rare occasion that any coach or manager gets any credit for the abuse, headaches, and hard work they have to put up with. It was indeed very thoughtful on the part of the St. Philip's Rangers committee to think of awards such as the Coach of the Day and the Manager of the Tournament.

The Top Coach of the Day went to Felix Musqua, who runs the Old Timers hockey team - the Badgerville Wagon Burners - a very popular hockey team at the Cote Arena. The Manager award also went to very deserving winner, Ace Thompson, who put together a team just recently in Sintaluta.

The other individual winners were: Top Scorer (St. Philip's Andy Quewezance); Best Defenceman (Brian Shingoose from the Selects); Top Goaltender (Presley Shingoose, younger brother to Brian); Gentlemanly Player award (Scotty Cote of the Wagon Burners).

Cote Selects, St. Philip's Tournament champions!
Cote Selects - the St. Philip's Tournament champions!
Andy Quewezance and Henry Musqua
Andy Quewezance, Top Scorer, receiving trophy from Henry Musqua at St. Philip's Tournament.