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Indian Culture Revived

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1976      v05 n01 p14  
The traditional Indian singing, dancing, and costume-making is not at all a total loss. Thanks to the awareness of the Indian Cultural College who sent two knowledgeable people down awhile back to the Cote and Keeseekoose reserves to help revive some of the goodness that once belonged to the Indian people.

It is rather a sad situation to import people from far away to teach what the Indians have lost in knowledge and know-how since foreigners have flooded this country.

People like Joe Roan and Victor Thunderchild are very scarce, but it is people like them that keeps some of the Indian traditions alive. (Eat your heart out anti-Indian Culturalists).

Victor Thunderchild needs no introduction as his name is very well-known as to what be is especially noted for and that is in regards to Pow-wow. Ask Mr. Thunderchild about Pow-wow, he will tell you just about anything in that line of Indian culture. He has started up several singing Pow-wow groups all over the province. He has been indeed a great inspiration to Pow-wow clubs throughout the country and should be crowned King Pow-wow.

Mr. Thunderchild is presently residing at Saskatoon, but he is originally from the Thunderchild Band, north of North Battleford.

Victor Thunderchild sure must know his line of work as he hired a very valuable and knowledgeable man just recently. This person is championship material in fancy and traditional Indian dancing.

Mr. Roan is a Cree Indian from the Hobbema Reservation, just south of Edmonton. He is one of the boys from the Chief Smallboy Camp. Mr. Roan's wife is originally from Sweetgrass in where they were living prior to his newly appointment as a special assistant to Victor Thunderchild.

These two people have left a lot of know-how and skills in the making of Indian costumes at the Cote and laying out materials in beadwork, leather- work, how to assemble headdresses and other fancy make-ups.

Mr. Roan is also a hoop dancer of which he can toss 29 hoops in all and still keep in perfect rythmn to the beat of the drum.

Joe also has been known to have taught several young dancers the different movements in pow-wow dancing. Mr. Roan is very proud to say, "I have produced champions from my pupils."

He knows what he is talking about as he danced his way across the U.S.A., Canada, and twice to Europe to demonstrate this world famous dance, the Pow-wow.

[Center] Senator Roy Musqua being presented with a pipe by [left] Joe Roan, and [right] Vic Thunderchild.
[Center] Senator Roy Musqua being presented with a pipe by [left] Joe Roan, and [right] Vic Thunderchild.
Joe Roan and Dorothy Crowe
Joe Roan showing Dorothy Crowe how to assemble the feathers for a war bonnet.